SECLI-FIRM preliminary project results presented by Enel at the AEIT International Annual Conference 2020

Enel are a SECLI-FIRM project partner and, following acceptance of their article “A new approach to exploit seasonal forecasts in Enel’s decision-making process” for the AEIT (The Italian Association of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunications) 2020 Conference, they are sharing preliminary project results and introducing the SECLI-FIRM project to delegates on 24 September. The conference will host both technical and scientific contributions in the wide area of automation, electrical energy systems, and information and communication technologies.

Due to the virtual nature of the AEIT 2020 Conference, being held online from 23-25 September, the presentation has been pre-recorded by Enel Meteorologist, Marco Formenton and includes an introduction to the SECLI-FIRM project and explanation of how seasonal forecasts can support Enel’s decision-making process. Enel are also sharing their preliminary results on project Case Studies 1-3.

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