SECLI-FIRM Collaboration Forum – 7 June 2018, Brussels

Speaker Title Powerpoint Audio/Visual
Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA) Welcome & Project Overview PDF Youtube
Dr. Emily Wallace (Met Office) The Latest Science of Seasonal Climate Forecasting PDF Youtube
Mr. Jan Vorrink (TenneT, NL) The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasting for Industry PDF Youtube

SECLI-FIRM Stakeholder Workshop – 17 January 2019, Milan

Speaker Title Powerpoint
Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA) Introduction and SECLI-FIRM Project Overview PDF
SECLI-FIRM Project Team SECLI-FIRM Case Study Presentations PDF
Mr. Simone Sperati (RSE) Forecasting Electricity Demand in the Short-Term and Prospective Extension at Seasonal Scale PDF
Dr. Andrea Alessandri (KNMI) Seasonal Climate Forecasting for the Energy and Water Industries in SECLI-FIRM PDF
Prof. Francisco Doblas-Reyes (BSC) Seasonal Climate Forecast Multi Model Combination and Skill Assessment PDF
Dr. Jaroslav Mysiak (CMCC) Insights and Experiences from the CLARA Project PDF
Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA) SECLI-FIRM Workshop Summary PDF