SECLI-FIRM Stakeholder Workshop – 15 June 2020, online

Speaker Title Powerpoint
Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA) Secli-firm Overview and Industry Case Studies PDF
Dr. Philip Bett (Met Office) Seasonal Climate Forecasts – Calibration PDF
Dr. Marcello Petitta (ENEA) and Alice Crespi (EURAC) Seasonal Climate Forecasts – Downscaling PDF
Kristian Nielsen (UL) Seasonal Climate Forecasts – Multi-models PDF
Dr. Nicholas Vasilakos (UEA) Assessment of Value for Management Decisions PDF
Joe Osborne (Met Office) Trial Climate Services for Industry PDF

SECLI-FIRM Stakeholder Workshop – 17 January 2019, Milan

Speaker Title Powerpoint
Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA) Introduction and SECLI-FIRM Project Overview PDF
SECLI-FIRM Project Team SECLI-FIRM Case Study Presentations PDF
Mr. Simone Sperati (RSE) Forecasting Electricity Demand in the Short-Term and Prospective Extension at Seasonal Scale PDF
Dr. Andrea Alessandri (KNMI) Seasonal Climate Forecasting for the Energy and Water Industries in SECLI-FIRM PDF
Prof. Francisco Doblas-Reyes (BSC) Seasonal Climate Forecast Multi Model Combination and Skill Assessment PDF
Dr. Jaroslav Mysiak (CMCC) Insights and Experiences from the CLARA Project PDF
Prof. Alberto Troccoli (UEA) SECLI-FIRM Workshop Summary PDF

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Fifth SECLI-FIRM Webinar

 – 13

We hosted our fifth free webinar on 27 May 2021 to coincide with UNESCO’s World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development.

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12:00 Welcome and Introduction (Alberto Troccoli, WEMC)

12:05 Using climate data for education (Christian Zulberti, Head of Relations with Universities and Research Centers, ENEL Foundation)

12:10 Exploring historic climate data with the Teal tool (Luke Sanger, WEMC)

12:30 Panel: empowering climate action:

Cristina Rekakavas, Specialist, Green Development and Climate Change, UNITAR

Sylvia Knight, Head of Education, RMetS

Derrick Mugisha, Regional Director Africa, Earthday.Org

Moderator: Asher Minns, Executive Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

View the recording (this joins the webinar just after the presentation from Christian Zulberti from ENEL Foundation begins):

Fourth SECLI-FIRM Webinar

 – 17

We hosted our fourth free webinar, sharing climate services experiences from the EU SECLI-FIRM project and in the USA, on 10 February 2021. It featured results from our water sector project case study with Thames Water and two guest presenters from the USA.

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Introduction – Lesley Penny (UEA)

Promoting the integration of seasonal climate forecasts in the water sector to help mitigate stress events in the supply – demand balance – Katie Chowienczyk, Met Office (UK)

Complementing the U.S. Public Sector’s Climate Services: The role of Machine Learning and Cloud Computing – Carlos F. Gaitan, Benchmark Labs (USA)

S2S Forecasts for Energy Markets – Jan Dutton, Prescient Weather  (USA)

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Third SECLI-FIRM Webinar


We hosted our third free webinar focused on Hydropower, featuring results from two project case studies and a third presentation on the Smart Climate Hydropower Tool (CLARA), in November 2020.  The presentations were followed by a Q&A session.

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Introduction – Alberto Troccoli (WEMC/UEA)

Runoff seasonal forecast in alpine catchments: a SECLI-FIRM case study – Mattia Callegari (EURAC)

Seasonal forecast of hydro resources in Colombia during strong El Niño events: a SECLI-FIRM case study– Kristian Nielsen (UL)

Smart Climate Hydropower Tool: An artificial intelligence based service for hydropower production seasonal forecast (CLARA) – Paolo Mazzoli (GECOsistema)

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Second SECLI-FIRM Webinar


We hosted our second free webinar in collaboration with Climateurope’s ‘Climate Thursdays’ series in September 2020. This was the eighth webinar in the series and focused on ‘Climate Services for Energy,’ exploring how EU projects have developed innovative climate services for the energy industry. Presentations included one from SECLI-FIRM project partner and case study ENEL, sharing the benefits of the climate service support tool developed by WEMC. The presentations were followed by a Q&A session.

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Introduction – Alberto Troccoli (WEMC/UEA)

Climate Services for energy management: a practical example from SECLI-FIRM – Antonio Maria Nicolosi (ENEL)

Operational climate services for RE: from co-development to market. A story from S2S4E – Ilaria Vigo (SES4E Partner)

SMHI Hydro GWh service – European Inflow forecasts for Energy Traders – Helen Ivars Grape (SMHI)

Potential Benefits of using seasonal forecast in small hydropower plants: SHYMAT service – Eva Contreras

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First SECLI-FIRM Webinar


The first in our new series of FREE webinars introduced the overall SECLI-FIRM project objectives and presented some results from the case studies which form the building blocks of the project. An emphasis was placed on the interaction with stakeholders and the framework for assessing the value of seasonal forecasts.

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Welcome: Debbie Woodliffe

SECLI-FIRM Overview: Alberto Troccoli

Interactions and assessment framework: Clare Goodess

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