The EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM Project (The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasting for Integrated Risk Assessment), together with the UN World Meteorology Organisation (WMO) and selected partners,hosted a FREE, online summer school during September and October 2021. It has not finished.

Our thanks to everyone who too part in the Summer School, online and via our livestreams. We will be sharing videos and resources with you very soon…

Master the development of a climate service from start to finish for the energy and water sectors

The course consisted of six half day ‘face-to-face’ online sessions on 21, 23, 28, 30 September and 5 and 7 October 2021.

The course was designed for junior researchers, practitioners, planners, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in climate services. 

Summer School hashtag #MasterClimateServices

Weather and climate affect every aspect of our daily lives, business and financial operations. In light of global climate change and increasing unpredictability of seasonal climate patterns and extreme weather events, there is an ever-growing need for more accessible, accurate and reliable information to support a wide range of decision-making processes. This has been the focus of the EU H2020 SECLI-FIRM Project organising this Summer School.

To this end, climate services offer a wide range of tailored solutions, with applications across diverse sectors, such as the energy, water and agriculture sectors, insurance companies, infrastructure, investment, and financial institutions.

Climate services can inform better climate-change mitigation and adaptation decisions and uptake of climate-smart solutions. Yet there is a lack of experts offering these services. Therefore this summer school aims to train practitioners and researchers to strengthen the burgeoning climate service industry.

Rather than addressing the very broad spectrum of climate service applications, this summer school will focus on the energy, and water, sectors. Also, the focus will be on sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting (some background to climate projections will be provided too).

In this course, you will learn about the importance of climate services in the energy and water sectors, understanding the operational and regulatory context. You will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical tools to design and deliver your own climate service, working in small teams to develop a mini-climate service. Hearing from leading experts, you will learn about real-world applications of climate services and best practice approaches.

The course will offer participants a unique opportunity to:

1. Understand how climate services fit in the current operating and policy landscapes of different industry sectors, specifically for the energy and water sectors.

2. Acquire skills in co-developing climate services, from climate data processing to commercial viability.

3. Explore real-world application of climate services, business models, collaborative approaches and career opportunities.

The full programme will be shared shortly.

The course is delivered online and designed as an interactive learning and exchange, with group work to design your own mini-climate service.

Each 4-hour online session will consist of lectures, content presentations, discussions and break out sessions from a variety of speakers, all experts in their fields, including consortium and Advisory Board members from the SECLI-FIRM Project.

It is divided into three interlinked modules:

Module 1 – Why we need climate services and how we can exploit them

Module 2 – What is needed for the successful design of climate services

Module 3 – From theory to practice – how to deliver a climate service

Course duration: 24 hours

Background materials will be supplied in advance of the course.

You will hear from and engage with a variety of speakers, all experts in their fields, including consortium and Advisory Board members from the SECLI-FIRM Project and presenters from our Summer School partners.

This course is designed for junior researchers, practitioners, planners, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in climate services.

Languages: English

Level: BSc, MSc, PhD

Entry Requirements: Certificate in Upper Secondary Education (Science, Geography, Business etc.)

Complexity:  Medium to advanced

The online application process requires you share your current knowledge climate services and seasonal climate forecasts and your motivation for being part of the summer school, including what you hope to get out of it and how you will use the new knowledge gained.

Attendance at all six live sessions is mandatory.

The course is free.

Spaces are limited and applications are open until 18 August 2021.

The SECLI-FIRM project aims to demonstrate how the use of improved climate forecasts can add practical and economic value to decision-making processes and outcomes in the energy and water sectors.

The project runs for 45 months and concludes in October 2021. The Summer School will contribute to the sharing of our findings and conclusions, with audiences that can benefit from them. It will also cover the skills required by the fast growing climate services sector.

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Confirmed Speakers 


Alberto Troccoli

Alberto Troccoli

University of East Anglia and Managing Director, World Energy Meteorology Council

Roberta Boscolo

Roberta Boscolo

Lead of Climate & Energy at UN World Meteorological Organization

David Brayshaw

David Brayshaw

Associate Professor in Climate Science and Energy Meteorology, University of Reading

Laurent Dubus

Laurent Dubus

Lead Scientist for Weather and Climate, RTE