Here you’ll find a selection of our project deliverable reports available for public dissemination. Click the images to read the reports in full.

D5.3: Communications and Dissemination Plan

D5.6: First Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination Report

D1.4: Report on economic assessment methods for value-add associated with decision-support tools/systems

D2.3: Report on the predictability of weather patterns and regimes of relevance for the case study applications

D2.6: Report on the capability of the very latest advancements...

D5.11: Communication and Dissemination Plan update (2)

D5.14: Third stakeholder engagement and dissemination report

D6.1: Kick-off meeting report

D5.16: Report on the Final Conference


D5.17: Report on Cooperation Activites


D6.8: Data Management Plan update (2)

D5.9: Second Stakeholder Engagement Dissemination Report