Presenting our Case Study 1 video

How heatwaves and other extreme climatic events impact energy supply and demand 

The SECLI-FIRM project aims to demonstrate how improved climate forecasts can add practical and economic value in both the energy and water sectors. Case Study 1 in particular explores how extreme climate events, like heatwaves, effect energy production and demand. This case study is working to see what the SECLI-FIRM project could do to mitigate these impacts.

With support from our project partners, we created this animation to raise awareness of seasonal forecasting for energy generation, and the potential benefits that the energy industry and users might see by utilising it.

The animation follows Luke and his team as they try to manage the supply and demand of energy during extreme climatic events, such as heatwaves. It presents common issues and concerns in the field and explains how SECLI-FIRM might be able to help.

The SECLI-FIRM project as a whole is now beginning to develop it’s final deliverables and are holding a Stakeholder Workshop in May 2020 to gain industry input. Check out our events page and LinkedIn and Twitter social media channels for further updates.

Why not find out more about Case Study 1, and our other case studies, here?


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