Elena BertoccoBrand and Design Lead, WEMC

    Name: Elena Bertocco               

    Job title: Branding and Design Lead

    Organisation: WEMC


    Outside of SECLI-FIRM, what is your role within your organisation and what do you do in this role?  

    I am the branding and design lead at WEMC and my work involves creating materials such as project branding, infographics, magazines and videos for all of WEMC’s projects and activities. This includes work for the ICEM’s (International Conference Energy & Meteorology), the C3S Climate & Energy Education Demonstrator and more.

    How long have you worked in science/energy?

    I have worked in science and energy graphic design since 2010, when I started to contribute to the first ICEM, held in Australia in 2011. I love working in design as I feel it can really bring order and clarity to information. it’s not only about making things look good, it’s about generating creative solutions, improving communication and impacting your audience in new and exciting ways.

    Why did you get involved in the SECLI-FIRM project and why does this project excite you?

    Since I was already collaborating with WEMC when the project started, my involvement in SECLI-FIRM was a natural transition. I saw it as an opportunity to use my branding and design skills to help make the project communication and dissemination effective and long-lasting.  It allows me to use my creative skills to make quite technical and scientific information more accessible to stakeholders and the general public. I’ve found that straightforward language is becoming more and more necessary in the scientific field as the audiences grow, so I’m looking forward to continuing to contribute.

    What is your main role and contribution to the SECLI-FIRM project?

    My role is to generate engaging visuals to aid the communication and dissemination of the project. When it started in 2018, I first created a new brand identity aimed at communicating scientific knowledge in a clear, easy way. This identity included a logo, report and case studies templates, introductory infographics, website branding, and more recently, videos.