Recording of SECLI-FIRM hosted webinar featuring the project Climate Visualisation Tool is live

To coincide with UNESCO’s World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, the SECLI-FIRM project, working alongside our expert panel and presenters, invited students, educators and activists to join us for this free, interactive webinar on 27 May 2021.

The one hour session showcased how the World Energy and Meteorology Council’s Teal tool, being developed as part of our EU H2020 project, can be used as a free resource by educators, students and the public at large to explore changes in climate over time. This element was introduced by Luke Sanger, Head of Data and Information Systems at SECLI-FIRM consortium partner, the World Energy & Meteorology Council (WEMC). This followed a welcome and introduction from Alberto Troccoli (UEA/WEMC) titled ‘ Climate Education based on Climate Services‘ and presentation from Christian Zulberti, Head of Relations with Universities and Research Centers, ENEL Foundation, sharing an overview of ENEL Foundation Activities. We then opened the discussion with our panel of experts and participants to discover how historic climate data can enable learning and empower action on climate change in education. The panel welcomed:

  • Cristina Rekakavas, Specialist, Green Development and Climate Change, UNITAR
  • Sylvia Knight, Head of Education, RMetS
  • Derrick Mugisha, Regional Director Africa, Earthday.Org

Our thanks to Moderator: Asher Minns, Executive Director, Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and all the presenters, our expert panel and participants who joined us on the day. 

View the recording (this joins the webinar just after the presentation from Christian Zulberti from ENEL Foundation begins):

For more details on the discussions during the webinar visit

Explore Teal for free:

Discover more about Teal and why historical climate data matters for making future decisions:

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