Météo-France a new partner to the SECLI-FIRM project

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The combined expertise and experience of SECLI-FIRM project partners has recently been enhanced with the addition of new partner Météo-France.  As the official service of meteorology and climatology in France, Météo-France is responsible for forecasting and studying weather events, monitoring weather conditions for the French metropolitan territories and overseas, conserving climate memory and developing global and regional climate projections.  Météo-France also contributes to the operational production of seasonal forecasts within the C3S framework and produces monthly bulletins for Europe within the WMO framework.

With a climate services experience portfolio including involvement in EUPORIAS, Clim4Energy/C3S Energy, ProSnow and Medscope, Météo-France personnel are working alongside partners exploiting teleconnected vs locally-force prediction signals for case study applications and assessing the predictability of weather patterns and regimes, with use of the new ADAMONT method being particularly pertinent to these tasks. 

Météo-France’s contribution to the work of optimising the performance of climate predictions, is a key step in achieving the project’s aim to add practical and economic value to decision-making processes in the energy and water sectors.

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